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Thread: Do debug PKGs work on 3.50?

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    Carbon0x Guest

    Do debug PKGs work on 3.50?

    Hey, does anyone know if debug pkgs will work on 3.50? For example, if I had the 1.03 debug pkg for black ops (which i don't) would it allow me to play online or would I need the retail?

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    humi Guest
    first you need to jailbreak 3.50, then you can use/install *.PKG's no matter if debug or retail...


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    Bakke Guest
    That's not answering the question.

    Carbon0x: Nope, didn't work for GT5 at least. I'm sure the check is going on beyond the debug update thing.

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    sensi Guest
    i'm trying various methods to get this working, be good if an experienced dev could give a definative yes or no. guessing we can't sign with the SDK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sensi View Post
    guessing we can't sign with the SDK?
    That is correct, unfortunately.

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    shummyr Guest
    Debug Firmware on any Firmware Dev Pkg's will work.

    Retail Firmware currently 3.41 or below will work whether it be dev or retail, this is also dependent on your payload...

    Currently only Debug users can use PKGS on 3.50 and retails are limited to 3.41 until a jailbreak method is available for retail user's...


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    SinnerShanky Guest
    To be straight forward no you can't do that... Until a jailbreak comes out for 3.5 you won't be able to install the debug .pkgs on 3.5 retail...!! rep if i helped.

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