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    danysan2002 Guest

    DNS 807101102 error WIRED, help please?

    Hello. I want to connect to internet with my jailbreak'd ps3. I tried first time with a switch, I entered the net cable in 1, in 2 the cable which goes to PC and in 3 the cable to ps3. The internet on PC works fine, but I can't connect in PS3!

    I searched 1-2 hours a fix and I tried tons of DNS-uri from "SOLVED" topics. I don't want to buy a router. Someone told me that I can do "internet sharing" or smth link that if I buy another network board (it's really cheap). I want to know if that way it will work.

    PS: I tried to enter the net cable directly to ps3, but the same problem... I also searched in cmd the real dns (or smth like this) and they were good. I Can't get to fix this... Please, help me!

    Thank you very much!

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    Starlight Guest
    Not sure if this will help, is the address setting on your ps3 set to easy and if so set it to custom, then go to your pc and in a cmd dos window type ipconfig/all and check the ip under submask and default gateway and DHCP server and put two of those ip addresses in your ps3 custom settings and see if your ps3 will connect then, you make have to try a few different 2 together as i think their is 3 but just try some different combos of those ip's and see if it works for you.

    Not sure this will help you out but is a thing to check out just in case.

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    danysan2002 Guest
    It kinda helped! I GOT IT WORKING! I put the exact ip, dns, subnet from PC, and it works!

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