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    DeWITT98 Guest

    DLC downloaded other than PSN help?

    Hey guys, if somebody downloads a dlc from other than psn installs it by .pkg and plays that game online, will PSN detect this or not? Can this also cause a console ban if found out?

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    windrider42 Guest
    It don't matter if its downloaded through PSN or installed by Package files.

    Once you choose to play online, whether using a spoofer, PSN PATCH by kokotonix etc, it's all at your own risk on why Sony might choose to ban. As said, they have banned people on OFW for using mods etc.

    And yet you may not get banned. Just saying anything can and will happen when it comes to Sony.

    I doubt it would be a console ban, but again who knows

    Install the DLC, then reboot PS3 and run PSN Patch if you must go online.

    For those who insist on playing online, there are guidelines to try and follow to try and help you not getting banned. But nothing is fool-proof.

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    Taufik Guest
    Your question if the download dlc besides psn, it detected or not if the online? Answer it still will be detected if it were already installed in your console with true.

    On the basis of the experience if you are in CFW would ban online is huge, although I do not play clean cheaters still get a ban is in CFW.

    For online still remain to be done even if you have been banned, but all is done at your own risk.

    Thank you!!!

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