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    Divx movie not playing on PS3

    So i converted one movie using the Divx converter from an AVI to Divx and it plays perfectly on the PS3. today i converted another movie the exact same way only this time it fails to play, it shows on the PS3 that it is a DivX movie but when i click it to play i get "The data type is not supported."

    did i do something wrong in the conversion or what? i'm really confused and its my favourite movie so please help.

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    The audio of the video is probably vbr. The ps3 prefers cbr.

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    the same problema here... i have IronMan but i cnat play it, i think it is the Dolby Digital sound i will try to dub it and change it.

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    have you tried the ps3 video converter by red kawa?

    used it a few times here to convert various movies to ps3 format - it lacks options and its a bit slow but fairly easy to use

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    You can use GSpot to identify the codecs!

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    is there anything else beside DIVx that works perfectly with the ps3?

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    you can convert your movies to mp4, using the program xvid4psp which also has an option to convert to ps3 mp4, additionally for psp format, if you have one. the quality is very good, and the compatibility is obviously guaranteed.

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    I often find the same problem of "The data type is not supported." with many of my divx movies. I discovered that it is generally related to the audio. In many cases, it is fixed if I recode only the audio to MP3 CBR (and "direct stream copy" for video) using VirtualDub.

    However, with some movies, when I get the data type error, and convert the audio to MP3 CBR, it result in audio out of sync: this frequently happens when the video starts with silent audio. The workaround that I found are:

    a) using the Audio Interleaving option to resync the audio (but sometimes then I get the "The data type is not supported." again)

    b) or removing the first few seconds of the movie, until a key frame where video starts with audio. In this case, I have to resync the subtitles, due the missing seconds.

    c) or my last option is transcoding the whole video again to a different codec.

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    It should play MP3 VBR under ~146kbps .. or thats what i figured when testing different samples

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    just use xvid4psp

    choose PS3 or XBOX360

    if the video codec is h.264 or xvid then set video encoding to copy
    if its isnt one of those(or the other compatible codecs, dont no any of the others) then encode the video

    for the audio, convert it to AAC

    it should now work on the ps3

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