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    Cool Divx codec question?


    I'm currently running the latest firmware update for PS3. I use Win Media Player 11 for my media server. The problem is that I noticed that some Divx codec compressed avi's are playable and others are not on my PS3.. ? Is this because of a higher bit rate on some Divx codec Avi's then others? I cannot figure out why certain Divx codecs AVI's are showing as corrupt on my PS3 and others are playable?

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    Yeah i have this problem as well, dunno what causes it.

    I've checked the files that wont play and none of them are encoded with divx 3.11 which the ps3 wont play, all of them are encoded with much newer versions.

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    Use TVersity instead. It can transcode on the fly and doesn't use anywhere near the same system resource as WMP.

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    i have buy the QNAP TS-209 Pro with NFS support, and its work finde with Twonkymedia App! Divx and Xvid Movie NO Problems! (with Firmware Update 1.1.5 with Twonkymedia V. 4.4.4!)

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    You can play divx files with TVeristy

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    yeah i mean, i dont have problems with my system

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    I'm using fedora 8 and there's no problem @ all with the vlc player! ^^


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    It's the same with me, as well. I'm guessing it's because the codec is a bit unstable right now, they haven't added full compatibility (I can't watch Anime :/). So, we just have to wait for a future firmware update to improve compatibility (especially with xvid).

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    I haven't found any problems with DivX/Xvid playback, but did you try running those files directly on the ps3? (via hdd/dvd)

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    I installed tversity yesterday for the first time, Watched a few Files without any problems.

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