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Thread: Display Demo Icons, but delete Demos help?

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    therock003 Guest

    Display Demo Icons, but delete Demos help?

    I need to delete some demos i've previosuly downloaded from PSN to free up some space, but i really like some of the animation sequences when highlighting their icons.

    What files can i safely delete from the internal drive via FTP, and which ones should i leave so that i can only browse and highlight the icons, but without any actual game files to exist?

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    That's a weird question. You want to delete the game demos without deleting the animations? For what exactly? Show Off?

    Anyway, there should be a ".bik" file in the USRDIR or PS3_GAME. Check that it is small, 'cos I don't know the exact filename for the animations. Hope that helps.

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    therock003 Guest
    Do you know the exact path where the demos are stored though?

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Obviously. You need to know the titleid of the demo in question. Then navigate to that numbered folder in dev_hdd0/GAME.

    Alternatively if you don't know the titleid, open each folder and check the PIC0.PNG to identify your game.

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    daveshooter Guest
    I believe after you have done what DaedalusMinion said, and found the game demo folder you wish to keep the anim, just rename the user folder within putting a 1 at the end or something, then power off PS3, then try to see if it worked, if it did then go back to ftp and remove that user folder. Truthfully i think it will mess things up, because you go and click on it and it will freeze looking for missing files.

    Agree some of the animations are very nice, and a Homebrew app would be nice for you so you can view them like within a slid show. Hope this helps.

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