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    N3M3515 Guest

    Display 2 different ouputs at once?

    When I was using my Adaptec GameBridge to record video using the S-video connection via the PS3's a/v multi out port and the HDMI port connected to my monitor I was able to get the PS3 to display on the SDTV (S-video) and my HD monitor (HDMI) at the same time.

    This seems to show that it could be possible in a FW update to allow SD and HD signals at the same time. Sorry if this was already known, I just stumbled upon it the other night. I will post a video or pic if anyone is interested.

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    NEMESIS0744 Guest
    I don't think Sony would ever allow that. But, what use would it be? It would just be the same thing on 2 different TVs.

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    Gunner54 Guest
    it would be very useful... watch in a HD and record onto your PC at same time with Dazzle.

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    billybro1999 Guest
    it would probably hog too many resources on the system to render and output 2 different video aspects at the same time, as we all know from PC's that the higher the quality video to process the more memory it needs, look at older PC's when DVDroms 1st came out, a lot of them couldnt even play a dvd without upgrading the video cards or the processor or the ram, or all three.

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    Cairobeta Guest
    I don't think it's memory that's the issue. More likely it's a limitation of either the RSX or the silicon imaging chip (the one that handles HDMI output). Laptops have been able to output to 2 different connectors with less memory than what the PS3 has.

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    billybro1999 Guest
    yes, but the ps3 would have to process 2 completely different resolutions at the same time. it's a little simpler for a laptop to dual display windows which would be at the same resolution, my pc can do that with my nvidia card, but to have a graphics chip Processing HD graphics on one output (which the way most consoles are designed it wouldn't leave much processing power for much else) and standard tv display at a total different resolution would probably lag the system pretty bad.

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    goldenone Guest
    i understand what he is saying, it could be use full for many reasons, maybe you have four eyes, lol. No, but say you wanted to record your game play and one tv had a video output so you could hook it up to a dvr or maybe on a two player game you could have your t.v... the ps3 wouldnt have to hard of a time displaying both as long as the other tv was just a SD tv.. i think.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Well if you think about it laptops that can output to 2 screens is an easy task when it comes to displaying a desktop or watching a movie while typing a document. But if you are talking about playing a game at a high resolution on 2 monitors then it is a little more difficult. The thing with games in todays market is that it is not just displaying an image on a screen. The GPU does pretty much all the calculations besides the physics, ai, particle effects, and some other basic code. But when an image is rendered the GPU looks at textures, lighting, layering, and colors for millions of pixels over 20 times a second. This doesn't like much but it is.

    I remember back in 11th grade in high school I took an animation class with maya which is used by a lot of game designers. I created a simple space scene of a ship in space passing a planet. I remember when trying to set the camera angle I would render a small 480x640 with low quality and it rendered like nothing. (Was using a fast studio 256mb GPU in the tower not the render farm) But when I tried creating a image at the resolution that would display on a 1080p tv, it took a little over 2 seconds. And it didn't have to do any fancy particle rendering or anything.

    And to do videos was worse. It took about 2 hours for me to render a 4 second clip at 1080p but I think about 40% of the time it took went into the compression.

    But hey sony might create a ps3 slim or something that can do 2 HD outputs. But for now it is the hardware that limits it on the current ps3's.

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