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Thread: Disk Upgrade doubled used space after restore?

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    Deep6 Guest

    Disk Upgrade doubled used space after restore?

    Hey guys,

    I did a quick search on these forums but couldn't find an answer to my problem so, here's the thing:

    I have a 60GB PS3 and ran out of disk space. Went to system information and it said I was using 45 GB of 46 available. I get that the PS3 reserves a percentage of the disk and that a 60 GB disk doesn't have actually 60 GB because of the conversion method used between bytes and gigabytes and stuff, so I see no problem with this.

    I backed up my data to an external device and installed a new 500GB disk on my PS3. The PS3 immediately asked me to format the drive and so I did. Then I used the restore utility to copy the backed up data to the new disk.

    Here is were it starts to get weird...

    I went to system information and it said that I had 366GB free of 465GB available. Ok, I can understand the 465GB part because of the reserved percentage, what I don't get is how the hell am I using 100GB of space when I just restored the data from a 60GB drive??? I mean, if I was using 45GB on the old disk, how is it possible that after restoring the backup, the same data now uses twice as much space??

    I would really appreciate so enlightenment on this subject.

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    pip1 Guest
    When the ps3 reports 465gb instead of 500 its not because of "os reserved space" its because the hard drive uses space to remember where the files are located and other stuff. Then the os reserves space, I lost I think 50gb to the os of my 695gb left from a 750gb hard drive, this is before installing anything.

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    thexnightmare Guest
    Try to copy the files from old HDD to new HDD by FTP server or file manager, should work properly.

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    Krisdog Guest
    Well you mentioned that you are aware of allocated hard drive space (not he full 500 you paid for). If FTP doesn't help, or you are unfamiliar? Then back bakup all ps3's 45 gb hard drive as you mention you already have. Plug new internal to pc via sata connector, and use acronis disk director 11 to clear disk space/create volume/ and then you will be sure to have the 465gb then. Install to ps3 will take a chunk for os, then restoring the 45gb will slice a little off.

    I understand that there is 50 or 60 unexplained missing gb, this is my solution, if not savvy with file managers such as ftp.
    GOOD LUCK and hope this helps!


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    Deep6 Guest
    Just did some math on the reported disk space just to make sure I wasn't missing something and here's what I got.

    A 500GB disk has got 500.000.000.000 Bytes. Dividing is by 1024 3 times I get the reported 465GB. Could it be that on the old 45GB disk I was using 40 GB and the OS reserved was around 10% (4,5GB)?

    In that case, on the new 465GB disk, the OS would be reserving 46,5 GB (10%) plus the 40GB that I was using previously, that would amount to 86,5GB. Ok, the PS3 now says I'm using 100GB which isn't that far off my calculations, but even so, there are more than 10GB missing and why the hell would the PS3 need to reserve almost 50GB?

    Does anyone know for sure how much is the OS reserved disk space?

    I'm going to try those solutions you guys mentioned as soon as I have some time.


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