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Thread: Disk drive won't eject help?

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    kylum Guest

    Disk drive won't eject help?

    The disk drive won't take disks or eject. Force eject works however. It plays games. The drive always thinks there is a disk inserted when there is not. It does this no matter what position gears are in. Manually pressing the two sensors on the right front of the drive doesn't do anything and won't turn the system on when on standby. I have swapped the sensor board with a good one. Still nothing. Swapped intire drive including board. Still nada.

    What's going on here. Will some options in the service menu fix it like rebuild database and so on. Maybe reload firmware?

    Any thought would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Its probably the disk read sensor. last one i had like that i opened the drive, coverted the top lid to a flip top and manually put in and removed disks. Here is a link to what i did.

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    elser1 Guest
    LOL shroomster.. that's a good idea you had mate.. ha

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    kylum Guest
    Awsome. I needed a good laugh this morning. Converting to a flip top is not an option for me. I was lookin more for a direct cause and how to fix it. I have tried all that I know short of bustin out the ohm meter and soldering iron. I gues I will spray some deox-it on in the sensors and see if that works. Maybe since the sensors are actually switches maybe they just need a good cleaning.

    So I tested the micro switches that let the logic board what position and disk insertion. They are good. I'm lead to believe it's the logic board it's self. What chip on the board controls these function. What is the best route other than what is stated above. Cause as far as I'm concerned it's not an option at all.

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    thexnightmare Guest


    Did you try resetting the firmware?

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    Krisdog Guest
    The firmware is not even remotely linked to your issue. You are on the right track, replace the cheapest electrical parts first, then the expensive ones. If your savvy with multimeater, milli amp reading then, the scematics of the ps3 board are easy to find if you google it. I mention these methods because you seem hell bent on fixing by self know how , I completely understand.

    Last case option, they're 50 bucks on ebay.

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    kylum Guest
    Yes. I want to fix it myself. Ps3 repair just became a hobby over night. Just to update my progress. I replaced the ic chip from a completely dead ps3. Didn't know if the board was good cause it was dead when I got it. It's still showing that there is a disk in the tray. It still plays though so I think I did a good replace. But what is the chance both ic chips were bad??

    I did test the micro switches and they tested good.

    Just noticed that I'm getting a 80010201 error as well. Looks like there might be something wrong with a componant on the mobo. Not sure though. I googles schematics but I can't find any. Could someone link them.

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