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Thread: Discless PS3 does not see regular saves help?

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    Niteconu Guest

    Question Discless PS3 does not see regular saves help?

    I was playing Assassins Creed Revelation, booting with disc in drive from internal. After a while, I tried and booted ACR discless internal. The game started, but went through installation again, and did not have any saved data from with-disc game saves.

    My question is - does discless use different game id from regular boot? If so, is there a way to force them to use the same id?

    I am using rogero 4.30 v2 with MM4.12.

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    Liongooder Guest
    No i don't think so, try to check the saves folder in devhdd0 if there a different ID transfer your save to the folder of ACR, and by the way i think there is a new MM 4.17, it has a fix for some bugs and with new features.

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    BluRay Guest
    Try having a disc in, doesn't necessarily have to be AC Revelation I think.

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    Niteconu Guest
    BluRay : I know it works with disc in drive. What I am wondering about is why saves from booting the game with disc in drive are not visible when booting discless.

    Liongooder : Nope. Updating to latest rogero and mm did not solve the issue. I am going through the folders to find out where did discless installation go, but it will take a moment or five.

    Update: I think I figured out what went wrong, now just need to work out why.

    It seems that installation with disc in installed (and updated) the game under bles01467 (eu release), while discless (that did not ask for update) used blus30808 (us release) folder.

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