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Thread: Disc Not Spinning

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    aamir007 Guest

    Disc Not Spinning


    I have a PS3 which has a faulty blu-ray drive. When i insert a disc nothing shows up in XMB so i opened it up and turned it on to see what was wrong and the disc doesn't spin.

    So how would i go about fixing this?

    Don't want to send it someone to repair when it could be fixed by me for less.


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    genius312 Guest
    You can buy a new BD drive, but they are expensive ! There is some tutorial on the net on how to swap the drives. Or you could use your friends PS3 to backup your games, and then transfer them to your PS3 using FTP or USB drives.

    Of course you will need the backup manager that works with no BDdisk in the drive, but then again not all the games will start !

    Its all up to you !

    Martin L.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Thanks, guess i'll buy a BD Drive then. There not that expensive only about 60 and if i paid a guy to do it it would cost me minimum 80.

    Would've jailbroken it but its on 3.50.

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    DeViL303 Guest

    Question A quick question?

    I've got a 60g FW3.15 ps3 here that had a dead laser, I got a new one and put it in but now all that happens when I insert a disk is the clock symbol spins around for a about 40 seconds and then nothing, I tried looking into drive as I put in the disk and the laser comes on for about 1 second but the disk never spins.

    I'm 99% certain its the right drive unless they got mixed up here but its very unlikly. I read that if the clock spins it must be the right drive/logic board as if its wrong board it will not interface with XMB at all, Anyone confirm this or offer any advice on troubleshooting this problem? don't really care if it reads disks but I want to be able to run FTPserver and awesome filemanager and other apps.


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