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Thread: Disc-Less Booting in Gaia Manager help?

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    lordofthething Guest

    Disc-Less Booting in Gaia Manager help?

    I have Gaia Manager V1.02 with Hermes V4b on my AT90USB162 dongle. How do I activate the disc-less mode? I can't see a specific option on the right hand side list. When I remove the Blu-Ray game from the drive and boot a back up from my list, it doesn't have the Game icon from where I usually boot my games. How does this method work?

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    Natepig Guest
    If that version of gaia supports it, once you have selected the game you want, on the xmb go to game folder, above the install package folder and click on that.

    If it dosen't launch the game then either the game dose not support discless launch or you should get a newer version of your backup manager.

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    lordofthething Guest
    Should there be a specific option in the back up manager, which I need to enable, before I head out into the 'GAME' folder?

    I'll give it a shot anyway. Thanks for your reply nate.

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