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Thread: Disc Drive Eject help

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    BowserBuck Guest

    Disc Drive Eject help

    i think this is the right forum, anyways here go's.hey guys got a ps3 here that had some coins jammed in it i took them out but now when i insert a disc it works fine but it wont eject and it makes a machine gun noise any ideas of what to do?

    im thinking it might have gotten misaligned but i dont know


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    idone Guest
    Was just chatting with you in the chatbox.. but if let us know the status of this.

    When you took the drive apart for the first time where there any small broken plastic pieces or anything else that came loose that you noticed?

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    donny101 Guest

    The Manual

    Dude you should refer to a Manual cuz there has to be a Manual in every game console. If this doesnt work go to the nearest SONY branch and bring your Ps3 and get it fixed.

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