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Thread: Direct connection from Laptop to PS3 help?

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    lovenetuk Guest

    Direct connection from Laptop to PS3 help?

    Hello. I've been trying to create a direct connection using a standard Cat5e ethernet cable to connect my Laptop to the PS3. But I have had no luck from both platforms. I've tried creating bridge connections, altering IPv4, manually setting up connection on PS3, nothing has worked successfully. I want to set this up to send files from laptop to my ps3.

    Can anyone help with this? Do you also think its possible to create a direct USB-to-USB (PS3USB-to-LAPTOPUSB) connection?

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    matt101 Guest
    i assume you want this for ftp? i use ps3 ethernet to laptop ethernet connections... goto your control panel/network and internet/click network and sharing center/on left choose Change adapter settings.. then plugin your ethernet cable into your laptop/pc from your ps3 and switch on your ps3.

    you should see your ps3 pop up in the list highlight this and hightlight your pc connection... make sure both highlighted and right click one of them and choose bridge connections... then restart laptop/pc... and ps3 and goto your ps3 and see if you have a ip address. if you do open gaia/multiman and enable ftp... should se your ip its 192.168.1.xx or something.

    if you using filezilla open it up put that ip in no user no pass and and hit enter... think thats the way i did it and when i ftp its transfers at 13-15mbs steady... don't know if this helps.. i'm using win7... it worked for me.. good luck!

    also on ps3 goto network settings and go through internet/connection setup!!! to get a new or diff ip address... just to refresh connection status.

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    severusx Guest
    Ok, here's what you need to do. Matt101's suggestion might work if the PS3 and PC had another source to get an IP address from (i.e. a DHCP server) but since you want to make a direct connection (not sure why, it won't be any faster) you need to set the IP Address of both your PC and PS3 manually. If you don't want to do this just leave your router connected to the network and connect to the PS3 to it so they all get IP addresses.

    For a direct connection, you need to manually set your PS3's IP first. Go to Settings and then Network Settings. Choose "Manual Connection" and then move through the settings choosing the default options until you get to the IP Address section. Put in an IP address of with a Subnet Mask of You can put anything you want in for the gateway and DNS server, these don't matter for what you are doing. Proceed through the settings and save.

    Now move on to your PC. Assuming you are a windows user, access your network adapter's properties area and highlight TCP/IP v4 and click "Properties". Set the IP address to Manual and enter with a Subnet Mask of You can enter anything you want for the gateway and DNS, as these don't matter for the direct connection. NOTE: You will NOT be able to access the internet when doing this.

    Start an FTP server on your PS3 (i.e. MultiMan) and then open FileZilla and Quick Connect to You will now be connected directly to you PS3.

    If you don't understand these instructions just use a DHCP server like your local router and connect through it.

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    matt101 Guest
    hi severusx... the way i did it, it did work and can access internet through it... by the way like your guide more indepth than my one... when i had my ps3 connected to router, ftp was terribley slow... but the way i did it its real fast.. don't take long to transfer a backup... well we all here to help each other...

    ether way lovenetuk should get it sorted... peace.

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    severusx Guest
    The difference is most likely that your router has a 100 mb switch built in and your PC has two 1000 mb NICs. Using "Bridge Connections" in windows turns your PC into a router, allowing you to access the internet via one connection, and provide DHCP and routing services to the PS3 via the other. The OP states that he is using a Laptop, which will only have one wired NIC and a wireless one. While he could bridge them, this is needlessly complicated, which is why I suggested just hand setting the IP addresses.

    Of course, the fastest way to transfer is to just use an external HD and good old sneakernet.

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    matt101 Guest
    just had look at sneakernet sounds good... but not tried it need to read up more.

    and i have tried transfering via usb... nowhere near as fast as sending from my lappy directly connected through ethernet cable... my laptop is connected wireless to router and ethernet is taken by ps3... oh well think lovenetuk may have an answer... so i think my help is finished here (if i did help)... peace all.

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    lovenetuk Guest
    Thank you guys very much. One more question, can I use a standard ethernet cable, or must I use a crossover ethernet cable?

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    lyoth Guest
    You need a crossover, because your laptop need to use its wifi to a router, and the crossover allow you to connect to the laptop wifi which connects to the router. Once you get a crossover cable you need to bridge your wifi and your ethernet, I have this on my ps3, but now I'm unplugged.

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    moja Guest
    If you have a smart device like a switch or router between your laptop and PS3, then you can use a standard cat5 cable. If you are plugging a single cable between the laptop and PS3 you need a crossover cable.

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    theone1982 Guest
    Please mark this thread as answered as the correct information has been given.


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