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Thread: Direct Boot Help?

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    djhazardous Guest

    Direct Boot Help?


    I am running Open Manager v1.14 and I’m not sure if this is affecting anyone else but Open Manager doesn’t seem to ask me if I want to direct boot a game anymore, it just proceeds to mount the game and exit on pressing ‘x’. Anyone know why and how I can get the prompt back?

    Someone has posted that the reason is because the option has been removed in this and all future versions, is this true? Wouldn't that be a bit unwise considering some games only work with direct boot? I.e. Condemned 2.

    Anyone? I'd really like this feature back, as now I can't play Condemned 2.

    I'd also like to test it with John Daly's Golf & MoH to see if it bypasses the version check.

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    brickcitybg Guest
    From what I've experienced, the only ones that have ever asked me (or had a toggle for direct boot on/off) were Jurai2's managers. I use Sexy Manager.

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    robohq Guest
    You might want to try updating to the latest version of Open Manager 1.161, I just installed it and it prompted for me to run direct boot.

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    djhazardous Guest
    I've just tried v1.16 with no luck, just skips the screen like v1.14. I can't seem to find v1.161, do you have a link please?

    Are you referring to v1.161 created by PSBreak team? Is this compatible with other boards non-PSBreak?

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    marc2590 Guest
    Open Manager GAIA RC2 by Drizzt has a direct boot function using the L2 button

    it was posted in the Sexy Manager Thread on Page 34

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    robohq Guest
    Open manager from ps3break direct boot prompting worked fine for me, I'm using my droid port of psfreedom for my ps3, until I get my dongle in the mail.

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