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Thread: Different Lasers Trouble on PS3 60G CECH03?

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    Slat3 Guest

    Different Lasers Trouble on PS3 60G CECH03?


    I have a strange problem with a particular PS3 laser replacement. The unit I'm trying to repair is a 60g CECHC03 with a faulty laser(the laser won't read blu-ray disks but will read all other types of different formats like DVD and CD-R) that needed a replacement.

    The problem is that I have replaced the laser twice with two different lasers with the model number KES-400A that have already being tested by me and seem to be working perfect on a CECHG03 PS3 model but the same problem occurs on all lasers with inserted into CECHC03 (No Blu-Ray support).

    I know the problem must consist somewhere else or perhaps it is the wrong laser model that I'm using but I have check it out from different sources and it seems to be correct.This is the same model that plays PS2/PS1 games.The deck on this model is KEM-400AAA.

    I hope that I have given you enough information on this problem if not please ask. Thanks to anyone who can help fix my problem.

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    RolF2 Guest
    If BR disk is spinning after laser change, but can't be detected in XMB - good chance that you have not original BR drive in you system . Try to run any downloaded psn game - if you get black screen and system lockup , then your drive is swaped from another ps3 and that is bad news ...

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    zzk2001 Guest
    Have you tried Recovery Menu?

    I know i have seen a lot of people with BD problems and Most get fixed by just doing a PS3 System restore in the Recovery Menu.

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    Slat3 Guest
    Thank you for your quick replies.

    I will try the recovery menu option first to see if that can help. I will also find out If I have the correct Blu-ray disk drive for the PS3 CECHC03. Is there anyway of knowing if a disk drive is incorrect?

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    RolF2 Guest
    ... by running demo game from hdd, or if your ps3 is jaylbroken - homebrew apps will black screen too .

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    Slat3 Guest
    Sorry for my stupidity for not reading your post last time Rolf2.I checked for downloaded content and their was a PS1 game their and it worked fine so then I recovered the system after convincing the owner that he could re-download his saved content again and hells bells IT WORKS!!

    Thanks to both posters and here is some rep.

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