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Thread: Did I bone myself with PS3 3.60 spoof?

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    bigmac420 Guest

    Did I bone myself with PS3 3.60 spoof?

    Around a year and a half ago I modded a Japanese PS3 using the PL3 payload (rockbox + ipod nano). The backup manager was great and everything was working superbly. The version of the PS3 is/was/should be 3.41. I did live with a few people who would probably update the PS3 on accident so I spoofed the version to 3.60 thinking I was really smart and cool.

    Now two years later I'm trying to put some custom firmware on it... I'm trying to use a 2nd generation ipod mini to get back into it to remove the spoof but I'm not having a whole lot of luck. I've attempted safe mode with restoring, formatting, and every other viable option but nothing is working yet.

    Is there any way to get rid of this annoying 3.60 spoof without homebrew? Whenever I try to install different firmware, it finishes (100%) but nothing really changes. The installer will say that I'm upgrading to 3.60 as well. I've tried 3.41 OFW, 3.55 OFW, 3.55 CFW, and now I'm pretty confused.

    Nobody touched this PS3 for two years as well, and I'm very sure that it is spoofed and not actually at 3.60.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    You can try installing 3.55 CFW from the recovery menu, If I remember correctly the spoof doesn't apply when you do that.

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    bigmac420 Guest
    I'll try that again and see if something changes.

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    Dizzny Guest
    Correct me if im wrong but if you spoof a firmware, wont it always say which ever firmware you are spoofing no matter which actual firmware is installed? My 2 cents

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    bigmac420 Guest
    Upon trying system update via the recovery menu using 3.55 CFW, now I'm getting the error code 8002F2B5. That is pretty weird considering I've never swapped out the HDD.

    I seem pretty boned and stuck at 3.60. Just looked into that E3 Flash thing and oh God why me.

    ...And now I'm getting the error of 8002F2C5! This is pretty confusing. Might attempt a system update without the use of the recovery menu and see what happens.

    Got to about 75% before it said another thing about data being corrupted...

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    technodon Guest
    have you got a e3 flasher? you need to reflash the nor. with 3.55

    when you put the console into recovery/safe mode check what firmware it asks for a spoofer does not affect this

    swap hard drives before you attempt to downgrade in factory service mode, if this method works. you can swap drives back and install the firmware from recovery

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    themobrules Guest
    Have you tried downgrading the system's firmware in service mode (not the recovery menu)? That might fix your problem (it will format your hard drive though).

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