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    dev_flash from hongkong model ps3 with bc ps2?

    My brother inlaw has never been updated ps3 from hongkong. Its never been updated so its well lower than fw 2.0. It came with 4usb ports and has ps2 bc support.

    Would a copy of his dev_flash folders give a non backward compatible ps3 software emulation for ps2 games?

    And also his controller is all wrong, like the hongkong people o insted of x to navigate the ps3. Could modifying his flash files with mine rid him of this problem? And I also think he can't watch blurays as the zones are different here in Australia. Any ideas?

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    No, and No.

    The ps3 scene is quite young, so you have to wait for all of this to materialize.

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    The O->X thing can be done if I recall, by modifying the system registry. Check the forums HERE for information on how to do that - possibly with the Bluray's as well.

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