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Thread: DEV QUESTION: Is Remote Play useful?

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    asandhu Guest

    DEV QUESTION: Is Remote Play useful?

    Maybe in wrong section but anyways, i was just wondering if maybe the PSP could be used in some way to gain insider info on the PS3 for dev purposes? Since the PSP can run unsigned code and such on a custom firmware, can someone make a homebrew program to use over Remote Play to possibly gain access, or is that not possible? Just an idea!

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, yes and no, mostly no. Very little information has been gotten from the PS3 by the PSP via Remote Play. Since the PSP is much more of a "listening device" there is not much to "tap into" since the PS3 controls the flow of data, and what is received and accessed. Although we are planning to look deeper into this, I would not count on it leading anywhere.

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    salcofago Guest

    Smile There may be a chance with this new progam

    hey guys the dev news on the main page.. with this you can use the PS3 to write data to the flash, then dump it, with its proper ECC, then rewrite to where we needed it maybe this way we can run homebrew software

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