Hi to all,

Here I hope to finally find help here. Here is my problem: some time ago, I tried to convert single backup psn games to be able to put on the hard disk without having to install and save space on the internal drive. So I managed with all the psn games, recreating the folder structure identical to a backup (BLESxxxxxx/PS3_GAME / ...) in ressignant eboot eboot in npdrm disc, by creating the file PS3_DISC.SFB, and amending PARAM.SFO (data type to hg dg).

all games psn engage in Multiman. But I had a problem with the psp, ps2 psone classics and classics. As you know they contain files Edat (iso.bin.edat and minis.edat). My technique has not worked with this type of game Here are my questions:

- what consists this file Edat?
- it is extractable? it contains one classic eboot and other files?
- it is signed with a key type 4.25 and what type (npdrm or disc)?
- how to decrypt, modify, encrypt and / or sign in 3.55 this type of file? there is utilities?

Here I hope you will give me a great help.