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    redman29 Guest

    Desperate Guy Wants Free Games And Needs Your Help

    I am just a lonely guy who needs new games and you can help me.

    Just sign up to this site: http://www.prizebrand.com/register.p...ral=BarakaJack complete a few offers, rack up your points and not only will you help me but refer some of your friends as well and get enough points and you can get yourself some free stuff as well!

    It doesnt take long and as long as you dont want to it wont cost you a thing!

    Just copy paste the URL and you are already halfway there!

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    glayqq1212 Guest
    good luck to ya man

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    pacific808 Guest
    I believe what you are doing is not allowed in this forum. I know in most forums advertising is not allowed.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    As long as it's here in the newbie section I don't mind... we used to have a designated area for "referral/conga" type incentive offers but that was a few years back, and then people seemed to lose interest so we canned it.

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    MantaX Guest
    Any luck with you man?

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    lovelymix Guest
    did you find anything?

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    mufc1 Guest
    You need to get out more lonely man

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