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Thread: Demonstration Firmware 3.41 help?

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    baktastik Guest

    Demonstration Firmware 3.41 help?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could find me the 3.41 update for the demo/kiosk ps3 units. I am tinkering around with these versions since I have a demo unit. I've been looking around for a while now without any luck, so I'm beginning to think it's just not gonna happen lol.

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    Not likely unfortunately, as nobody archives PS3 Demo Firmware mainly as it's more neutered than Retail is... the latest version is here though:


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    worstenbroodje Guest
    which fw version are you on now? because if you are looking for it to jailbreak, you can also jailbreak lower fws

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    baktastik Guest
    I'm currently on 3.21 Shop. I'm not exactly looking to jailbreak I'm looking at the differences between these firmwares and the retail ones. It's mostly just for learning purposes at this point as I have very little experience with the PS3 aside from many long hours playing games and watching netflix.

    I do however have lots of experience with the PSP and wanted to get into this as well (somewhere in the distant future probly lol). As of now I know the jailbreaks don't work properly on shop fw anyway. Hopefully soon though, and who knows maybe I could have some hand in making that work! (Doubtful after seeing the insane complexity firsthand hehe).

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