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Thread: Deleting PS3 Trophies help?

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    Kuresu Guest

    Deleting PS3 Trophies help?

    Hello everyone.

    How would i go about removing trophies if its even possible? Since i've tried a few games that i don't plan on playing again, their trophy list sits empty on the menu and are dragging down my percentage of completion.

    Can anyone help me?

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    EiKii Guest
    dunno if it's possible, haven't really looked into it, what do you mean with dragging down percentage of completion?

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    Kuresu Guest
    My PSN account, if i go online it will sync my trophies, but i don't want that since i don't intend on playing the games i tried out with firmware 3.41.

    I want to update to 3.55. So was wondering if it would be possible to remove specific trophies before doing so.

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    EiKii Guest
    aha ok, well in theory something should be saved on the ps3 for when syncing it to the server, but i have no clue where/when/how etc, hopefully someone else can help you.

    Good Luck i guess you could make a full restore, and hopefully it wont show anymore, but that means you will loose all on the HDD.

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    Riffles21 Guest
    EiKii's theory is right. Your trophies are stored on the HDD of your PS3 so you can delete them by simply formatting the drive, but this will remove ALL trophies. If you synced your trophies, which you want to keep, before, than it should be no problem, just connect after formatting to PSN and sync your trophies. They should be restored again.

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