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    Gbyrd Guest

    Deleting Game from PS3 HDD Problem help?

    So i just deleted FF13 from my ps3 internal hdd, before doing that i used OBM to copy it to my external, then used OBM to delete it but apparently it is still using up space. Is there some temporary folder OBM creates in order to copy things over to the external? anyone got any ideas cause 45 gigs should have opened up on my ps3 but i only have 6.5GB left on it.

    Massively confused and there is no visual way to get a breakdown of my ps3 so i have no idea where alll the memory is gone.

    Any help or ideas on this?

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    EiKii Guest
    have you looked around on the FTP prog? if you can find some suspicious files?

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    aeollus Guest
    had the same problem i deleted a game off my hdd with backup manager but the it didn't free up any space. so i ftp with filezilla into my ps3 and found the game still on the hdd. i and to delete it with the ftp program to erase it for good.

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    Chrelin Guest
    Yeah, I assume its a bug. Also happened for me. I had to use Flashfxp to delete a game after I thought b. manager would have deleted everything. Maybe someone should pass on the bug info for a fix.

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