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Thread: Deleting backup manager deletes all games?

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    delt31 Guest

    Deleting backup manager deletes all games?

    Sorry but my question was completely answered - is it true that if you delete backup manager (by highlighting the icon and pressing delete) you're also deleting all the games backed up to the internal hard drive (using BM)? I thought it would just delete the program.

    I really hope this ISN'T the case but that might explain why I can't find my games backed up to the internal HD anymore!

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    zadow30 Guest
    it is correct. My backup games was also deleted, when i deleted backup manager.

    Was actually installing backup manager version 2, so had to backup all my games again.

    Hope they will fix this issue in future releases.

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Yes all games backed up on internal hdd will be deleted if you remover the backup manager. If you hit information on BUM in XBM it wil show the amount of Gigs backed up.

    You don't have to remove the old BUM to upgrade to v2 just overwrite it.

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