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    Deleted games and got little PS3 HDD space help?

    Hello people i need help.The problem was my ps3 was running out of internal memory so i decided to delete few games from multiman i deleted killzone 3 and ninja gaiden sigma 2 but after deleting these games i hardly got 5gb what's problem with that? I deleted a 22gb game and i got 5gb in return please help.

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    You might not have deleted it properly. Try navigating to the Games folder in your PS3 using multiMAN's handy file manager then delete it.
    Probably you aborted it before deletion.

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    Nope it is not appearing in file manager either somebody recommended me to delete it via ftp. How do i do that and will that solve my problem?

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    You can connect to your PS3 via FTP when you are running MultiMan. Download FileZilla and install it. Look at MultiMan to get your PS3's IP address and type that into the field at the top of FileZilla and click Quick Connect. Browse to the folder where you store game backups (usually \dev_hdd0\GAMES\) and find the games you want to delete.

    They will be named by their ID and not their natural name (i.e. BLUS090506) so you will have to look up the id's of the games you want to delete. Be sure not to delete any other files or you will soft-brick your PS3 and be forced to reformat it. If deleting the files via FTP does not clear up the space, you may need to rebuild the HD database from the recovery menu. Enter the recovery menu by following these steps:

    1. With the system in standby mode. Press and hold the power button down until the system turns on and then off again. Release the power button.
    2. After about 1 - 2 seconds press and hold the power button again, until you hear 2 consecutive beeps. Release the power button. During this step you will actually hear three beeps. There will be one single beep then a short delay followed by 2 consecutive beeps. Only release the power button after you hear the 2 consecutive beeps.

    At this point the PS3 Recovery Menu will be shown on the screen.

    Select Rebuild Database from the menu.

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    A bit silly question - but have you deleted the install data as well in Game Date Utility (XMB)?

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    ^Yes i have. When i open the system information to check how much space is eft it says that out of 149gb only 0kb is used whats up with that and i keep getting low memory error continuously. When i play a game installed on my ps3 internal hdd it says 12__ mb space is required to play this game. I have deleted many games but i am still getting this message when i try to play a game

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    Did you install a large amount of games at once? The PS3 keeps about 10% of your hard drive space and Multiman/FTP disregard this imposed limit. So you could delete 22gigs and only free 5 because 17gigs may have been in the PS3 safe zone.

    It is a annoying when you have a 600GB drive and the ps3 keeps 60+ when it uses less than 10.

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    If you have these games back up. Just format hdd in xbm it won't delete your ps3 cw and system files. Just it will delete something you have downloaded games etc files. And then, reupload your games to hdd. You also will gain your hdd space back. It is sad to say but i guess only one ways is this for you. Just try.

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    I guess formatting will return everything to normal then but i need to ask few questions first. How do i backup the games etc since i don't have external hdd? And what about multiman, gai manager and blackbox would they be removed during formatting? The cfw will remain same?

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    If you don't have an external hard drive then only option would be FTP. CFW will stay as it is however all the applications will be erased and you'd need to re-install them again.

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