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    Deleted game showing in Webman My Games list help?

    So I wanted to play Enemy Front via hdd0/GAMES but had that "corrupted data" message during the game data install when you first boot the game.

    I read somewhere that it was a payload issue so I used irisman mod and loaded the game via (what i think was) the libfs payload and it worked. Game booted properly and installed game data.

    When I finished with it, I manually deleted it off my internal via FTP. When I went to play something else via webman, I noticed Enemy Front shows up in the My Games list as being in hdd0/GAMES aaaaaaannnndddddd hdd0/PS3ISO.

    MY PS3ISO folder is empty, and I clearly deleted the game from GAMES folder. For fun, I tried loading the game anyway via webman and it actually booted and then froze the ps3 at the game data loading part (because it's clearly non existent anymore).

    Seems to be some conflict with irisman mod 3.09 and webman 1.29. I've tried refreshing xml, rebooting ps3, reinstalling webman. I'm not familiar with the way irisman mod works, i've always used multiman and webman and have never had any issues.

    Any help on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Go to safe mode and rebuild database this should help.

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    Thanks for getting back to me, I finally got a chance to try rebuilding the database but it hasn't changed anything.

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