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Thread: Deleted backup manager from my ps3

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    hayman Guest

    Deleted backup manager from my ps3

    hello there,

    i've delet the backup manager from my ps3,but i directly turn off the ps3 and then start it up and i install other back manager but i can't see any game from the internal HDD,when useing FTP server in the hhd of the ps3 and found all the games are still in folder call del in this folder found al the map's and games, is there any way to transfeer it back to luan* folder where it's belong....?

    i thought of takeing the hdd out of the ps3 and click in the 25, cause i have on my pc and doe it just like windows ..will this work .or is there other way to doen it with out taking the hhd out of the ps3, sorry for my bad eng.


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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    No - you can't read internal PS3 hard drive directly by Windows - it's in the special format and encrypted. You should have transferred the games BEFORE deleting the backup manager. I'm not sure if transfering the games now to your PC and back to proper folder via FTP will do the trick. Depending on the amount of the games you have there it might be better to backup them again or jsut trnafer from your PC via FTP.

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    hayman Guest
    thanx i'll try it, but i thought i just can read the HDD with the pc

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    If you have games on your internal hdd using backup manager, when you delete backupmanager you also delete those games.

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    hayman Guest
    yes i know but i stop the operation directly, and using ftp server found the folder gameZ in the folder delet and i t's still 63 GB ... ?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    This is true only for the original manager but it could been patched to store games in another folder thus avoiding games being deleted together with BUM.

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