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Thread: Delete PlayStation Home icon (PS3 proxy)

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    DaryCZ Guest

    Delete PlayStation Home icon (PS3 proxy)

    Hi guys, please how can I delete this PlayStation Home icon?? I used PS3 proxy and I had Home under Game category, but i deleted it... now I have icon under Network category and I want delete it, but it isn't possible.

    I try change HDD, but no result..

    sry for my english

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    DaryCZ Guest
    Nobody knows?

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    koyote Guest
    Why do you want to delete it so desperately? I mean, it's not a big bother having it there is it?

    And I would've thought that after a format it would disappear, but as you said you changed hdd's and it didn't work I guess it's attatched to your PSN account or smth?

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    magiskmolekyl Guest
    i believe so too really, why do u wanna get rid of it?

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    sibbor Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by magiskmolekyl View Post
    i believe so too really, why do u wanna get rid of it?
    I would love to keep my PS3 system (interface) as clean as possible too. If I had a Home icon that I couldn't use I would have been really frustrated since I think it breaks the sleek look of the XMB...

    For the topic creator: sorry, I cannot help you. If you solve your issue please get back to us.

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    Carty Guest
    You can get rid of the Home icon by restoring the OS. Formatting the HDD doesn't work, but a full restore from a previous backup or selecting the 'reinstall OS' option gets rid of the icon. It is a pain to do but its the only way AFAIK. Make sure you backup all saves and games prior, as doing this formats your HDD anyway in the process.

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