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Thread: Delete files after mandatory install?

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    ricopico Guest

    Delete files after mandatory install?

    There are several PS3 games which require an install of games files to the harddrive, which I guess makes it quicker to load.

    Has anyone had any luck deleting files from the original game folder once it has installed the files? Would be great to be able to save a bit of hard drive space this way.


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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Game management (original name could be different) and delete the content manualy.

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    ricopico Guest
    But then you would not be able to play the game.. The point in my question is to allow the continued use of the game after you delete the files.

    For example, hawx2 the iso is 7 gigs, and the mandatory install is 5 gigs. Which means in order to play the game, you must give up 12 gigs. I would assume that the 5 gig mandatory install data (which is on the iso/bd directory) could be deleted once the game had been installed.

    This is just one game, but loads of games have huge mandatory install's.. heavy rain, gran turismo prologue, uncharted2..

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    humi Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by B4rtj4h View Post
    Game management (original name could be different) and delete the content manualy.
    He probably means the files from a ripped game ^^

    thats a good idea... will test it

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    shabutie78 Guest
    actually, i've done this on a few games. it's possible yes, but you really just have to test it for yourself to see which games you can do it with.

    for example, red dead redemption has a file called "rdr2_installed.sdat" which, after RDR is done installing, you can delete it safely.
    on the other hand, in fallout 3 GOTY edition, with 6GB of dlc which it installs to take up twice the space, if you delete the dlc from the rip directory, it will reinstall next time you start the game, deleting everything you deleting from the rip directory.

    more examples:
    blur has a 1-2gb file that installs, and you can delete it without a problem.
    kane and lynch 2 has i think 2-3gb in files that it installs. but if you delete the files after it installs, it will reinstall, deleting everything you deleted from the game directory.

    some games just check to see if the content in the install directory is the same as the content to be installed from the disc.
    some don't. so you really need to just see for yourself which games you can rip.

    also, yes i have tried dummying the installation files to check if it goes by the names but nope, it checks for differences in filesizes too as when i dummied the kane and lynch 2 installation, it reinstalled with my dummied files.

    good luck

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