hey there. First up, I can get 600kb/s download and 100kb/s upload on my internet. Okay here is my problem.

there are some games out there that have delays in online play. Games such as Unreal Tournament 3, Haze, Raw vs Smackdown 2007 etc. What I mean by delay, is that when I press a button or something during online, it takes like a second for it to actually do something. But when I turn on COD 4, NHL 08, or other demos, everything is perfect. the game is in sync. so my question is, does that problem happens to everyone or just me? what can i do to improve it? I really hate this because it ruins the gameplay.

Secondly, I have NHL 08, and ever time I finish playing a game, it will take a minute to quit the game (the actual hockey game), and I will get EA Sports Error connection. YET, I can still play online 1 on 1 sometimes. Whats up with that?

I portforward my ports and I did that DMZ thing for my ps3. I will check out the official Sony forums and head on to portforward if I can find.