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    pwner Guest

    default firmware of ps3 120/160 gb slim?

    what the default firmware version of the ps3 120 gb slim?

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    zzk2001 Guest
    Well if it was a Sep 1, 2009 launched Slim 120g then it will have 3.00 fw on it, but Newer models May have up-to 3.40 (Far as i know right now No new system has past 3.41)

    The Slim 160 models should have the 3.40 fw on them.

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    pwner Guest
    well, so no 3.50 at the 120\160 slims? well that's good!

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    osbmandark Guest
    It depends. I bought my ps3 in October 17th and I was looking for a 160gb white in Taiwan and the fw was 3.42 in a store but another one was still 3.41. Now it's all above 3.41 here and you only can find 3.41 or older if the store has the product a long time ago. Most of the 320gb still has the 3.41 fw.

    In Brazil, it's all 3.41 or older fw. If you are going to buy, please ask the seller and test the product before you buy it.

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