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Thread: Decrypting/extracting 3.72 PSN PKG files help?

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    fadi002 Guest

    Post Decrypting/extracting 3.72 PSN PKG files help?

    So I want to decrypt and extract this PKG file that was released recently on the PSN Store (Uncharted 3 Subway Promotion). It doesn't work on Mathieulh's extractor v1.

    Is there any program out there that can do this? (I tried searching)

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    Foo Guest

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    fadi002 Guest

    Decrypting/extracting 3.72 PSN PKG files help? (Getting an error)

    I was looking for a decryptor/extractor for the Uncharted 3 Subway Promotion, but it gave me the same error I got when I tried mathieuh's Extractor. I should have mentioned that before.

    The error is: Destination array was not long enough. I get this message after the process bar is done and it leaves a .dec file in the folder the PKG file is in. Is there a way to fix this?

    Is there anyone that can help?

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    Foo Guest
    Right click and press Run As Administrator. Then try it.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I'm sure it's encrypted with commercial NDPRM keys, which are unknown to this point. So, it can't be done now.

    Oh, and that tool is for "homebrew" pkg's or debug-signed.

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    Foo Guest
    It is?? I've unpacked content straight from PSN before...

    If he's right then it looks like you might be stick with unpacking it in HxD or e.t.c.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I've tried unpacking PSN pkgs (demos) with UnPKG, and got an error regardless of FW. If you're using Rebug or unpacking Debug PSN content, it could work, but not for a Retail PSN.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but it doens't seem so.

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    fadi002 Guest
    So when can it be done?

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    celeron Guest
    Can I ask, what's this for? I've been searching for a tool to download PSN games to the PC and install it through USB to my PS3, is that possible?

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    fadi002 Guest
    I want to look at the files inside and see the whole list of maps, guns, emblems, etc.. I did this with the original beta and I found lots of useful stuff.

    Anyways, you can't install games from external sources on an unmodded PS3.

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