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Thread: Debug PSN links help?

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    AlmightyDon Guest

    Debug PSN links help?

    I was just wondering how people got direct PSN debug links, as there are a number of links that I'm interested in, namely the Call of Duty Black Ops BLUS30591 1.03 new update. Do submitters have a Debug console that they just download these updates to and analyse communication through WireShark or that specific tool for replacing psn links etc (I forgot its name)?

    Thanks in advance, it's just something I'm really curious about

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    AlmightyDon Guest

    Debug PSN links, help!

    Works perfectly thanks. Sorry I couldn't find that anywhere.

    Edit: Basically I am wanting to find a debug .pkg link for the EU/ USA Call Of Duty: Black Ops game.

    The 1.2 version is already posted in the debug PSN links section, but the 1.30 isn't. I have tried using the tutorial here: And it will not work for me.

    If you want to structure a URL the game ID is BLES01031 for the UK version, or BLUS30591 for the USA version. The previous debug Black Ops .pkg (1.02 for the USA), was stored on the usually for retail .pkg's. If anyone has another method of getting the new debug .pkg, or has one, please link me. Thanks in advance

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