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Thread: Debug PKG Heavy Rain Move Support - will this work?

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    delt31 Guest

    Debug PKG Heavy Rain Move Support - will this work?

    I just noticed the debug store on this site has the move update for heavy rain (2.0) as debug. Has anyone tried to see if this works yet? To be honest, just got home and been drinking so not trying it but wanted to double check! I'm assuming I need to d/l the other updates first or can I just go straight to 2.0?

    So I tried this morning and I got an error message when I tried to install it (same way I installed other pkgs). I'll try some other things out. Anyone else try?

    Does anyone know where I can get the earlier patches for heavy rain bc I think it's not working bc I'm trying to install 2.00 off of a stock. I know there is a link for the retail patches but I need debug bc I'm running jailbreak

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    EiKii Guest
    shouldent need the patches before, i'm trying to get it to work to, ps3 hangs guess it's because of eboot.bin

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