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    IHM Guest

    Dean's Eboot tool on game updates help?

    Hi all, does Dean's Eboot fix tool work on game updates? for instamce if i update to v1.02 of crysis, can the eboot be fixed for 3.55, or does it only work on the original eboot?

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    severusx Guest
    I'm not sure, make a backup copy of the original game and then update it and try the eboot fix. If it doesn't work then just copy your backup back to the PS3 and try it without the udpdate.

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    IHM Guest
    Ya that's what i thought, i'll give it a go later when i have some time, can't do it at the moment...

    Ok tried updated and modifying the eboot, does not work, gives a data corrupt error, even though you delete it, it won't re-install and keeps giving the same error, so are we in a position now where we can't update games any more???

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    iCEQB Guest
    You can update the games, but you can't patch the updates from games, because the EBOOT.BIN within the update is DRM protected and no dev cared to make DRM removal an easy task, to save PSN games from beeing pirated since all of them are as well DRM protected.

    graf_chokolo on the other hand, released a payload a few months ago which is capable of decrypting DRM content (proven with Sonic 4). The problem is, that you can only decrypt DRM content meant for =< 3.41. So no chance to decrypt the Crysis 2 update since it uses the 3.5x DRM keyset.

    Afaik the only problem is to decrypt newer DRM content, since I think geohot made it possible to encrypt patched files again with the DRM protection. The thing is, if you succeed in creating such a DRM protected file it wont work on 3.56 since Sony blacklisted the keyset Geohot used for his DRM encryption.


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    IHM Guest
    That perfectly answers everything , i'll give up for now then.

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