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Thread: Dead Space language

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    brab Guest

    Dead Space language

    Hey guys...

    Downloaded Dead Space, release is supposed to be Multi language as usual, however when starting the game only French or German are choices, no English.

    I Googled around for last 2 days and I saw some people also asking the same question, but nobody has an answer, so I figured I'd check if some1 here maybe has a solution.


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    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Seems that you would need to get the USA version. If you can't find it online to download, i would recommend getting a GameFLY membership or head to your local blockbuster and rent the game and back it up with Backup Manager. The USA release you should be looking for is Dead Space USA PS3-BAHAMUT. Hope this helps.

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    brab Guest
    Thanks very much for the advice...the only problem is that I am in Croatia! I will try to find Bahamut version.

    Weird part about the Antidote release is that it wasn't nuked, and I am 100% sure it would be nuked immediately if it didn't have English.

    Thanks again!

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