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Thread: Dead PS3 blu ray drive help?

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    dekaspace Guest

    Dead PS3 blu ray drive help?

    I bought a used drive from ebay and yet again it seems broken.

    With my old one you put a disc in and it spins normal just doesn't read (and you dont hear the whirring as it is meant to read)

    With this one what happens is it accepts blu rays normal just doesn't speed up just spins at default speed, and when you put a dvd in it makes a few loud click sounds and then the drive stops working(but console is fine) and you need to power off and on for the drive to eject disc.

    With these faults can I just swap parts around to get 1 working unit!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Read through the troubleshooting steps:

    You may be able to use parts from one to fix the other. The main thing is a working Logic board as well, or you will have to remarry it

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    racer0018 Guest
    First I would make sure the lasers are good. And if they are then test the power coming out of the power plug. One should be 12v and the other should be 5v. It is the two pins on the ends and the center ones are grounds. What model of ps3 do you have? Thanks and let me know. I have handled alot of these problems with drives. Thanks

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