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    Dead PS3 blu-ray on 60 gig help?

    On my older 60 gig console it worked fine till I moved house, I then think I bumped it as in dropped it about a third of a foot when moving it.

    The ps3 works fine, but the blu ray has stopped working, it accepts discs and you hear a slight sound(not grinding, more like something locking in place) then it doesnt spin up.

    I tried dvds, blu ray discs and blu ray games and nothing seems to work. I have another one to use but want to use this one for bedroom.

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    Sometimes when you drop them the Blu-ray gets messed up, if it were me I would take it apart and see if anything is loose. Also try and put it in the drive with the top off the drive and see if it will load on restart. And than post back.

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