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    data transferring from 3.55 to 3.56?

    I just updated my original ps3 was running 3.41, to 3.56 and i got my 3.55 right here, I keep on trying to data tranfer but it keeps saying ethernet not connected. i tried 2 different ether net cords and both say same.

    i turn them both off at same time and turn on at same time, and samething ethernet not connected or other ps3 is not turned on, they are both set to ethernet,

    i tried all the things that i could think of, did they block it or what?

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    Are you connecting them directly to each other or both to the same router/switch?

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    they are directly connected to each other, only thing i have noticed different is my 3.55 ps3 is saying it gots psn content on it and something about deactivating first or something but i can't.

    but i know this can't be the problem right?

    wtf is going on!

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    You'll need a crossover cable to directly: PS3-1 > PS3-2 >> Data << transferring.

    Or two regular UTP cable; but from a LAN port on your router/modem. Bridge, set up the IPs manually.

    Make a Routing path in your router/modem config; (i.e 192.168.x. - 10.0.x.x)

    But can't you just screw up; one screw if it's the slim, and none if it's FAT, replace HDDs, and copy files? Perhaps use one of the FTP, Remote softwares here. Just manually assign the IPs; and open up Port 21 on your router/modem.

    All I can think of, else it's back to the basics with external storage components.

    * Last resort, you can always take out the HDD you want stuff on, copy the folders, or at least make the same dir. tree for easier copying; connect your HDD to your computer with a SATA cabel, to any SATA port; and boot to Windows and have fun. (It's not fun I know). You can easily just let the PS3 HDD; hang/rest on something inside your cabinett. Plug the HDD with power from your PSU, usually the same cable attached to your DVD/CD/BD-ROM Burner (whatever), main HDD (C:\).

    That's the hard part... Now I'm not so sure anymore, I mean, if neither of that worked for me, I would give up!

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    Normally the builtin ethernet transfer utility requires both untits to have same firmwareversion, so there's only left to use HD-backup on 3.55 and HD-restore on 3.56 which probably won't transfer protected content...

    And you should be careful once ethernet connection works and 3.56 unit updates the 3.55 unit without further questions...

    And AFAIK there's no way to install/run FTP on 3.56 for now. So I guess you're screwed ATM if you want to keep the 3.55

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    Actually sony did the smart thing with this and (in my opinion) loaded a 'special firmware' for the ethernet controller, that way you can directly connect with a normal CAT-5

    No need for any of that, all I can think about for OP's post is that the firmware version doesn't match and requires it to be exactly the same on each unit. Thus why the handshake/communication may fail.

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    If the NICs are auto-sensing and will set up an APIPA network between themselves then it is probably the FW difference.

    You can't connect the drives to a PC and transfer as suggested above, the file system is encrypted and can only be read by the PS3 it came out of, so you can't just swap them either.

    The best suggestion I have for you is to use a flash drive to backup your saves and stuff and transfer those to the other console.

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    I used USB drive however couldn't move psn content however if you just log on from your 3.56 ofw you can go into store and download previous purchases.

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    Like MadMax69 said you could redownload all your previous purchases from there, and also i do remember hearing that you need the same firmware on both PS3s to do the data transferring.

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    If your ps3 is on 3.56 just go to psn and redownload your purchases it can be done without having to repurchase anything.

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