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Thread: Data Transfer Utility Question?

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    0odama Guest

    Data Transfer Utility Question?

    Been doing the data transfer utility since 6:00AM Eastern, its now 1:30PM and its at 98% stuck the HDD blinks here and there but its not finishing, this is from my 80GB console to my new slim 160gb. what is the problem?

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    DeViL303 Guest
    I Dont think it should take that long to transfer 80GB.

    I think it has probably failed But i wouldnt cancel it yet incase its doing some kind of file signing and will eventually work. If it has failed I dont know where that leaves you with your content, I would say any movies, photos ,videos etc will have transfered ok (as long as they wasnt in 2% that never transferred of course!) As for purchased games/purchased videos there is a good chance they wont work without transfer completing to 100%. I dont know if your original ps3s content will be intact either, not sure if it verifies transfer before deleting original. maybe it does verify and delete but on a file by file basis, anyone know this?

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    0odama Guest
    Its the 80GB ps3 with a 640GB hard drive in it lol, its been 3 hours now on 98% i was just transferring it, i think i should use my actual 80gb hard drive

    to transfer next time -_-. so the reason its taking long because of the "backups" on my hard drive?

    Edit* If i cancel it my slim will just say "hey files are corrupt gotta format"

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    DeViL303 Guest
    That is your problem , Dont think sony made the transfer utility with backups in mind! lol

    Its not just a low level copy of data, all the zeros and ones, it actually looks at the data too to see if its a purchased game, demo, video ,savefile etc. think you better start again!

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