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Thread: Data transfer utility with multiman on ps3 help?

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    NEV0 Guest

    Data transfer utility with multiman on ps3 help?

    hi, i am presently upgrading one of my ps3's to internal 750gb hdd.. The original source hdd that i want to upgrade from is in a 2nd ps3 that i have... The original source hdd is 320gb with only 10 gb free due to the amount of games that i have already got on it... ( therefore a huge amount of data to move about )..!!

    This hdd has had Multiman v2.00.04 installed (top marks for a great hack system to Deank). I have the system already connected for the past 6-7 hours now, and the past couple of hours it seems to have become frozen at 35% completed and also 4 hours 35 minutes remaining.... Although the PS3 systems do not actually show any errors , is it still possible that the systems have malfunctioned ??

    I have not seen the orange light flashing near to the usb side of front of both of the PS3's, I do not really want to disconnect unnecessarily but would appreciate any input from you good knowledgeable people.

    I have a TP-Link gigabit router and am wondering if it is possible to simply remove the ethernet between the 2 machines and connect the TP-Link between systems (if possible that is)...!!!

    Is it possible to remove the ethernet cable whilst the systems appear frozen to either fit another ethernet cable or even a tp-link...??

    Lastly, as my system is running Multiman v2.0.00.04 and i am wondering if it is possible to actually complete the data transfer utility successfully along with all the games that have been stored in the multiman system...???

    any assistance much appreciated.

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    severusx Guest
    I've never used the data transfer utility for that much data, so I can't give you a good time estimate. But if your HD activity light isn't flashing, nothing is happening. I would cancel the process and try to use and external HD to backup your old PS3 and then copy it to your new one. Using USB will prevent and hiccups in the network from messing up the transfer.

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