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Thread: Data Transfer selected files?

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    sensi Guest

    Data Transfer selected files?

    Is it possible to data transfer only select files, rather than the whole HDD, taking far too long at 30min per transfer, as its doing the whole HDD.

    you prob all know already this isn't possible but i'm trying to get a debug PKG onto my 3.50, i know it won't work as it is, but i'd like to try some things.

    With this method it will take too long though.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    if your on 3.50 i dont think there is anyway to transfer files. I have a JB PS3 and when i boot it normally my files show up but are useless. Seems you will have to wait for a downgrade to do what your attempting.

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    sensi Guest
    erm, no, you can transfer the files with data transfer, yes they won't run like starting your JB normally, but i'm not going to leave them as they are.

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