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    Dark Souls 1.05 PS3 not updating properly help?

    Hi Guys, I am having problem with Dark Souls 1.05 patch. So i started this awesome game and did some research, which said that it had some major update. I download the pkg file and install it onto the ps3. Every things seem to work fine there is game data version 1.05 on the ps3.

    But after a while i noticed that the bugs that supported to be gone is still there. For example:
    • the level up screen bug where the required soul for level up show as 0, it still show as 0
    • Male Undead Merchant support to sells bottomless box. I checked and he not selling the damn box
    • the lock on system still unresponsive, i can not really switch target during combat

    So am i missing somethings here, does anyone having this same problem. Please guys help me out here.. RULES.

    I forgot to mention the game ID is BLES01402.

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    Update 1.05 is not compatible that I know of. V2 is now out, so not sure if it will update or not

    Just delete your Game Data, and the game should work fine.

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    So this update is not compatible eh. i thought that if the update is available as .pkg it would be ok. Well i am playing the dark souls unpatch right now after trying to update with no success. This game is awesome.


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    A lot of updates are for higher firmwares such as 3.60, so unless someone has created a new eboot patch or fix, then you can't always update a game.

    Use the tool I linked above, and it will tell you if its compatible or not.

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    Thank man.

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