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Thread: Customizing RCOs/XMLs to Modify PS3 XMB help?

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    billyreneoberra Guest

    Customizing RCOs/XMLs to Modify PS3 XMB help?

    Does anybody know if there is any way or any homebrew that can change the default wavy coldboot background? and i'm not talking about the coldboot logo or the wallpaper but the background in the beginning, when you boot up the ps3 or when you switch between users, the background that you see before the set wallpaper shows up.

    I read somewhere that you are supposed to customize one of the rco's in the folder where the coldboot stuff is at but does anybody know which one and how to edit it?

    maybe there is a homebrew that i overlooked to change that background?

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    severusx Guest
    I don't think there is a homebrew app to change that, just the coldboot icon. I am familiar with editing the RCOs and XMLs, but I have not attempted to edit that. The problem is that that all of the icons and animations are in a funny format.

    They aren't normal PNGs, JPGs, MPGs, etc. so if you wanted to change that animation you would need to find the RCO that contains it (probably coldboot) and then replace it with an animation that had been converted to the proper format. You need RCOMage to decompile/compile the RCO files, but I don't know about the video conversion.

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