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Thread: Custom Payload on a Dingoo help?

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    Psychosanity Guest

    Exclamation Custom Payload on a Dingoo help?

    Hey i'm going to throw this question out there, I can't find any information on this. But I am stuck with a Dingoo to hack my PS3. The only file available for dingoo is the psfreedom Waninkoko port, which the latest uses hermes v3 i believe.

    However I would prefer to use different payloads for the dingoo hack. Would there be any possible way for me to get the hack to load an alternate payload? I do not program much, but I am comfortable enough editing code in programs. If there was some utility I could use to read the zImage file (i'm using windows) and somehow edit the code to load an alternate payload, and even may or may not have to convert the payload hex file, it would be great if someone put together some quick instructions on how I could do this.

    I hope someone with the experience can quickly instruct me in a way to do this if possible, it would solve a lot of problems for me, I would be very grateful for any advice. Thanks

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    marios50 Guest
    i'm in the exact same position. it's been awile since the last dingoo psfreedom update. someone please help!

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    Demon Cleaner Guest
    Would be interested too, using PSFreedom 1.4b on my Dingoo.

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    marios50 Guest
    does any of you above posters have any clue on how to open or modify the zlimage cause i would like to help and contribute if noone is going to release it.

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    qbertaddict Guest
    version 1.4b aka hermes 1.4b is available, search the site or google.

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