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    PR0r Guest

    Current NTFS support for non iso game rips help?

    I have finally set my ps3 up after a good year or so of it sitting in the cupboard.

    I'm up to date with most things but I need some clarification on NTFS support and can regular games be mounted?

    I know the simple NTFS iso mounter is pretty new but I couldn't find anything on this.


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    bitsbubba Guest
    use multiMAN to convert them to ISOs and then use NTFS iso mounter

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    PR0r Guest
    Can multiman do this process to games on a NTFS drive?

    All my games are on a pc so I'd like the quickest option. Maybe a pc app can do it?

    Seems like a windows app is needed to convert games to iso. Surely this wouldn't be hard. I have quite a few large games that are on my server but converting them all to fit on a fat32 drive to then convert again with my ps3 (mm) to iso seems long.

    Anyone know of any apps that could do the job for me?(pc)

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    misiozol Guest
    From what I know there is no dedicated app to do it , but there is many others that will create iso like nero, ultraiso etc. will it work i do not know. There have been apps from times of ps2 that ware packing and unpacking to iso but i cant remember now any names.

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