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Thread: Crysis 2 PS3 fix help?

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    k9inpoop Guest

    Crysis 2 PS3 fix help?

    ok people i have been looking to try to find a working link of the fixes so i can finally play this game with a different ps3 game disk in the ps3. i know i saw the fix on the duplex thread i think but it said i can play the game with the original disc inside the ps3.

    i really don't want that type of fix, so if anyone has the fixes and can upload them so i can get them it would be very awesome of you to let me get them again lol

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    The fix will also work if you aren't using the original disc to play the game too.

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    k9inpoop Guest
    ok does it really matter if i get the original crysis 2 fix will it work with the limited edition version?

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    No the Crysis 2 fix will only work with the normal US edition of the game, but you can easily make your own Eboot.bin fix for the limited edition using Deank's EbootFIX (

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    k9inpoop Guest
    thanks dude for helping me out

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