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Thread: Crunchyroll on a jailbroken PS3 help?

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    liamdonnelly Guest

    Crunchyroll on a jailbroken PS3 help?

    I'd really like to be able to watch anime on my ps3 through crunchyroll, but right now I cannot use the psn store and therefore cannot download crunchyroll. I'd prefer to not sign into psn at all because I don't want my console to get banned.

    Please help me lol.

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    misiozol Guest
    This is very similar to the fix for Amazon VOD, only a single file needs to be changed, however the file is encrypted.

    To do this yourself you need:
    • FTP or usb drive to transfer files to computer
    • Decryption\Encryption program for SDAT


    • Browse in mM file manager to dev_hdd0\NPUP10027\USRDIR\js\app\Crunchyroll\
    • Copy file config.js.sdat to USB or FTP it to your computer.
    • Download and extract the npdtoolv4c
    • Place the config.js.sdat file in the npdtool extracted folder
    • Open a command prompt and navigate to the extracted folder (alternatively you can use full file path references)
    • Run command 'npdtool.exe ds config.js.sdat config.js' (Dont close cmd prompt as we will use it once more)
    • Delete the config.js.sdat file, you no longer need it
    • Open the outputted config.js file in your favorite text editor
    • Find the line ps3.config.enablePsnLoginCheck = true;
    • Change the true value to false and save config.js
    • Go back to the command prompt window
    • Run command 'npdtool.exe 4s config.js config.js.sdat 8000'
    • Copy the new config.js.sdat to your ps3 in the same directory you got it (rename the original one just in case!!!)
    • Exit MM and enjoy Crunchyroll will now work and no longer prompt for PSN!!!


    I provide no warranty on your PS3. While this change is not system critical something can always go wrong, don't blame me, but seriously read all directions and follow them and you shouldn't have problems.

    This has been tested on 4.46 Rogero/Cobra CFW with the latest version of the Crunchyroll app. This should work on other CFW as well so long as you can run the Crunchyroll app. If you are on older FW you may need to resign the Crunchyroll Eboot all this does is bypass the PSN login!

    Or here is the changed file:

    Just extract and replace the original.

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    Sorry, but this doesn't work. I tried the changed file and ran it from the xmb, but the app told me I had to open up the play station store before I could use the app, which obviously I can't.

    The app loads up, but It still asks me to sign into psn to use the app. Do I have to activate it with a tool like react psn or something? Thanks for trying to help.

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    misiozol Guest
    It should work try other cfw

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    I'm on rogero 4.55. Do I need to downgrade to rogero 4.46?

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    Still need help

    I get a message saying that I need to renew the license by signing into the playstation store.

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    misiozol Guest
    Can't help you more it DOES work and many ppl reported working with out issues , you must doing something wrong.

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    liamdonnelly Guest
    You are correct, even though this is a free app, when you "purchase" it from PSN it creates a .RIF for you. The app either needs to be "purchased" during a one time PSN connect, been "purchased" previously or installed and activated with something like ReactPSN.

    Since this a free app, I am not sure if it would be against the rules to include a .RAP for ReactPSN. This was merely meant to be a tutorial for fixing the app to bypass PSN. I later included the modified .pkg for ease of use.

    Mods, would a .RAP for this be allowed? So I need a rap file for crunchyroll.

    I downloaded the file, copied it to my ps3, installed it, ran it and got this message. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to sign into psn to get it to work?

    Can someone please give me the rap file for crunchyroll? That's all I need to be able to do it.

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    drphuz Guest
    If all else fails try triangle fix with reactpsn. Maybe this will help. But I would just delete reinstall with fix before I did all this.

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