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Thread: Cricket on PS3

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    charas23 Guest

    Cricket on PS3

    I am just wondering if they ever made a cricket game for PS3 or PS2 which I would be able to play on PS3, and where would I be able to get it.

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    lonix81 Guest
    i too would like a cricket game, but as far as i know the only one is for ps2.

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    lilblue82 Guest
    Well 60gb owners can play Ricky ponting international cricket... lol

    But i hear cricket 08 will be coming out on the ps3 in australia and the uk etc in time for the summer series in australia

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    charas23 Guest


    Cant wait to get my hands on the new Cricket game, hope EA sports is the one who makes it man, any idea when they might release it or where could I find out about it.

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